I am an artist who works in Los Angeles.

I make things, like visual art, perfume, and written texts.

Much of my visual studio work uses ripped-up and dissected books for collage compositions. For me, the lines of words read as strokes of hard-edge paint. Largely abstract, they give viewers opportunities to rethink how we read the visual world, to gauge their unconscious by questioning how their eyes target certain words within a cacophonous mass, or to just enjoy a non-objective picture. Ultimately, art encourages pleasure and reconciliation.

After a break in studio life during a tour through academia, I now primarily work with perfumery. The reasons are many: some conceptual, some practical, but mostly sensual.

I find substantial pleasure working in the mostly unseen olfactive space. The medium is nevertheless hyper-challenging. Its intangibility and invisibility forces one to adapt their critical and creative faculties in ways that don’t often apply in other fine art mediums. For instance, while a painter can stop and assess her in-progress work for as long as she pleases, a perfumer must work against the temporal disappearance of her dispersed creation. Having minimal formal art training and a deep DIY ethos, I enjoy working though this puzzle and restriction which time-limited media only heightens.

I believe an independent artists’ economy is key to sustaining a healthy, creative, and truly democratic society.

Finally, this website is an extension of my studio and updates frequently. Posting links from artists’ websites to your social media greatly supports our endeavors in a no-cost, high-return way. Thanks for sharing and visiting, and please come back often.