Studio Series 1

The Studio Series aims to provide collectors with an experience of perfumery in progress, as the artist experiences herself. It acts as an entry point for those unfamiliar with or hesitant to approach perfumery, inasmuch to offer perfumonerds a new way of enjoying this media.

Studio Series sample different moments in the chronology of perfume compositions, and can all be worn, diffused, or reappropriated, as one pleases. They provide an opportunity to enjoy the mostly unseen and unsmelled variations a perfume goes through before being deemed finished by revealing a unique olfactive narrative hardly found in commercial perfumery. Most importantly, they offer a non-visual alternative to the digital atmosphere of our time and a chance to return to our primal senses.

Studio Series 1 features three projects:

Variations/Meditations, a composition which parallels myrrh and acacia, an incensed floral.

Three iterations of Variations/Meditations are included: one very early attempt, a midpoint, and the completed perfume.

The fourth vial previews an incense project and demonstrates a point during construction of a resinous base, which contains several studio-made tinctures of fresh frankincense.

The fifth vial captures the second iteration of an in-progress lily project. It represents a very early and far-from-complete attempt at recreating the quotidian fuschia-and-white Stargazer lilies ubiquitous in grocery stores.

Studio Series 1 is available for purchase.